Thursday, February 01, 2007

Free Wii Points via Amazon

UPDATE - Check the bottom of this post for a picture of my first free Wii Card.

UPDATE 2 - EzyRewards will now buy you a 2000 point Wii Card from Amazon, and sell it to you for 3000 EzyRewards Points. So now instead of spending 3400, and having a few dollars left over at Amazon(which you do still have the option to do this), you can now save 400 EzyRewards Points, and get your Wii Points for just 3000 Points. Which means you can now get your Wii Points quicker and easier.

Similar to my 'free domain' post, this will be a walk through on how to get free Wii Points.

This DOES Work. This is NOT a scam. You take the screen shots just to make sure it 'clears', and after you finish you claim your free prize.

Companies set aside X amount of money for R&D, advertising, marketing, etc. Companies contact websites, and pay them to gather statistical data.

If you are afraid of getting tons of 'spam' email, use a dynamic email address from Or you could even go to or and create a 'spam email address', so you can submit this newly created email address to 'suspicious' websites.


How to get free Wii Points!!!

Go to this site -

Sign up with an account, and confirm via the email.

On the left side of the site click the 'offers' link. This will show you a list of surveys that you can complete. Most take less than 2 minutes to complete. After you complete these surveys you receive X amount of points. Once you save 3400 points you can redeem them for a 25 USD Amazon voucher. You can use this to purchase a Wii Points card(2000 points).

This site has been up for 2+ years. It is run locally(AUS), with the owner of the site online daily, fast email response, and a full forum for instant support. You don't have to have any referrals to get your Wii Points. The only thing stopping you from getting free Wii Points is you.

P to the S - It is wise to take screen shots of the browser when you get to the 'thanks for finishing this survey' page. Save these in a folder on your desktop(or elsewhere), and incase the website says your survey didn't 'clear', you can email and attach that screen shot. Within 24 hours(never fails), and he will credit your account the points.

And for convenience here is the link one more time


So I received my first free Wii Point Card. It is a 2000 point card. I spread out all of the contents out so you guys will see what you will get when you order one.